Romney unveils new swing-state ads

Mitt Romney's presidential campaign released four new TV ads on Friday making promises about the presidential nominee's first 100 days in office to the key swing states of Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina and Iowa.

The new ad series takes aim at the economy rather than directly at President Obama, although the president looms over several of the policies Romney promises to reverse.

The ads repeat Romney's promises to repeal ObamaCare, tackle the deficit, "cut taxes that kill jobs" and stand up to China on "day one" of his prospective presidency. 

According to the ad directed at voters in Virginia, by "day 100," Romney will reverse "Obama’s offshore drilling ban, creating thousands of new jobs for Virginians.”

He promises Ohio to repeal "regulations that are strangling our energy industry and costing us jobs" by that point, while North Carolina's promise is movement toward "new banking and high-tech jobs.”

To Iowa, Romney promises by day 100 the country will be "working toward a balanced budget, making sure the government lives within its means.”

Romney's campaign launched the general-election fight earlier this year with ads focusing on "day one" of his presidency. The series of "day 100" ads continues to build on the Romney campaign's argument that its candidate can make the country's economy better for everyone.