Romney deflects outsourcing attacks back to President Obama

"He [Obama] likes to talk about outsourcing. He’s run some interesting attack ads on me on that topic. You may have seen that and, interestingly, an independent, unbiased fact-checking organization looked at his ads and looked at that attack and said it’s false and misleading," Romney said at a town-hall meeting in Grand Junction, Colo.

Then, echoing a new push by the Republican National Committee critical of stimulus dollars that were granted to multinational corporations, Romney looked to flip the criticism back to Obama.

“But it is interesting that when it comes to outsourcing, that this president has been outsourcing a good deal of American jobs himself by putting money into energy companies, solar and wind energy companies that end up making their products outside the United States," Romney said. "If there is an outsourcer in chief, it’s the president of the United States, not the guy who’s running to replace him.”

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