Romney campaign accuses Obama of 'political payoffs'

The video, titled "Political Payoffs and Middle Class Layoffs," features unemployment statistics overlaid atop a clip of Obama singing a line from an Al Green hit during a fundraiser at the Apollo Theater in New York City in January. 

Citing published reports, Romney's ad argues Obama donors received administration posts and access to the president. In some cases, the ad says, money from the economic stimulus package was steered to Obama donors.

“While middle-class Americans are suffering in the Obama economy, President Obama’s donors and supporters are ‘doing fine.’ The president has spent billions of taxpayer dollars on political payoffs, but failed to create the millions of jobs he promised. Americans deserve a president who is concerned with creating jobs for the middle class, not rewarding campaign donors. It's Chicago-style economics, and it's not working," said Romney campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul in a statement.

When asked about his campaign's new line of attack on "Fox and Friends" Monday, Romney portrayed Obama as giving special treatment to campaign contributors.

"There is no question but that when billions upon billions of dollars are given by the Obama administration to the businesses of campaign contributors, that is a real problem, particularly at a time when the middle class is really suffering in this country," said Romney on "Fox and Friends."

The criticism from the Romney campaign comes as the president continues to hammer the GOP hopeful on his record at the private-equity firm Bain Capital. The Obama team has raised questions of outsourcing practices at the firm and blasted Romney over his personal finances and tax record disclosure.

Obama rejected Romney's calls for him and his advisers to apologize for the attacks, telling a local Virginia television station over the weekend, "No, we won’t be apologizing.

“Mr. Romney claims that he's Mr. Fix-It for the economy because of his business experience, and so I think voters entirely legitimately want to know, well, what exactly was his business experience?” said the president.