Romney son told former governor to ‘move on’ after 2008 loss

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“I didn’t want him to run again, I really didn’t,” said Matt Romney in an interview with NBC correspondent Peter Alexander, set to air on Thursday.

“You gave it your best shot in 2008, you felt like you had to do it, you had to go and give back to the country and you tried and they didn’t take you, so let’s move on,” the younger Romney said he advised his father. 

In the interview, the five Romney sons also tried to present a more light-hearted picture of the former Massachusetts governor, who is often seen as having a stiff speaking style and failing to connect with voters on the trail.

“He’s just Dad, he’s just a little goofy” Tag Romney said, joking about his father and attempting to explain some of his less understood comments on the stump.

“It’s the same corny jokes we grew up with” Craig Romney added. “We’re used to it.” 

Romney’s sons say that while they are accustomed to their father’s attempts at humor, they know it isn’t always to everybody’s enjoyment. 

“He’s always trying to entertain” Craig said, before pausing to note that “sometimes it’s successful and sometimes its not.”