DNC says Romney 'dances around' tax returns in new ad using dressage horse

The DNC released a Web video Wednesday, which features video of Romney's Olympic-qualified horse Rafalca, set to music and intermixed with clips of Romney answering questions about his tax returns and personal finances.

"Do we really want a President who dances around the issues?" says text in the video.

The video is the "first in a series of digital products highlighting Rafalca" surrounding the 2012 Olympics, according to the DNC.

Democrats have been hammering Romney to release additional tax records, producing ads and going on interviews to slam the Republican candidate for offering to make public only two years of information.

Romney's horse gained some notoriety when Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert made fun of the Romneys’ love of dressage on his show in June, joking that it fits the image of Romney as aloof and disconnected from average Americans.

The Republican presidential hopeful's wife, Ann Romney, responded by thanking Colbert for bringing attention to the sport. She also wore a red foam finger, along with other fans, to a dressage event.

Ann Romney has said she uses horseback riding, in part, to help alleviate the extreme fatigue and muscle pain resulting from her multiple sclerosis.

The Romneys co-own Rafalca, who will compete at the London Olympics in dressage, a competitive sport that requires intense muscle control in order to direct what looks like "horse ballet."

"You have to understand, we all laugh at the sport, too — those of us who try it,” Ann Romney told USA Today earlier this month. “We laugh at how ridiculous it looks sometimes."

—Alicia M. Cohn contributed.