Gingrich defends Romney over 'very effective' foreign trip

Gingrich was quick to defend the former governor's much-talked about remarks over Israel and Palestine's differences, saying Romney was right to call attention to cultural disparities between the two despite, drawing harsh criticism from Palestinian officials.

"I think the comments about culture were right, and I wish the elites of this nation had the courage to look at the United Nations refugee camps and realize what an anti-human disaster those refugee camps are, how much they have been breeders of terrorism, how fundamentally wrong their design is and how much we have done a disservice to the people of Palestine and the Palestinians by allowing them to be subjected to that government-run, totally inappropriate structure," Gingrich said. "So there I hope Gov. Romney will stick to his guns, and let's have the argument."

Romney has since clarified his comments, according to CNN, saying they were never meant to criticize Palestinians, rather point out the differences between Israel's steady and growing economy compared to that of its neighbors.