Brown and Warren aim to woo voters in dueling Web videos

The Warren campaign ad, titled "Across Massachusetts," highlights the Senate hopeful's meet-and-greets and travels around the commonwealth, while she delivers a speech on her policy positions, including support of labor unions, Wall Street reform, education investments and equal pay.

"We need a senator who will stand up for hard working people, who won't sell out to Wall Street and who will fight for our future. ... We stand for accountability and a level playing field, so that no one steals your purse on main street or your pension on Wall Street," she says in the video.

The video also features a photograph of Warren arm-in-arm with President Obama, a nod to her connection with the administration, where she helped to create the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Brown's Web video "officially" introduces his wife, Gail Huff, to voters. Huff, a reporter for WJLA in Washington, D.C., is taking a leave of absence for 92 days to campaign with her husband, according to the Brown campaign.

"You may remember me as Gail Huff on Boston television for many years working as a news reporter. Standing out in all those storms, wearing all those hats.

"Well, now I'm wearing a different hat. In fact, I'm taking on a new assignment. I'm helping my husband with his reelection," says Huff in the video.

She praises Brown as an "independent-minded," hard-working senator that crosses political party lines, an image Brown has been promoting throughout his campaign.

The senate contenders were tied at 46 percent each, according to a poll released from the Democratic-affiliated Public Policy Polling at the end of July.

The Hill rates the race a "toss-up."