Dems release mobile app for national convention

The app is full of features relating to new developments in online communication. There’s a news tab that links to press releases, the convention’s blog and other relevant stories. A media tab offers photos, videos and live-streaming. Using mobile devices’ location services, the app fuses the classic dining and entertainment guide — par for the course at many big conferences — with an interactive map of Charlotte that shows convention venues and local attractions.

There’s also a “Favorites” section, where users can aggregate photos, stories and other digital memorabilia related to their time at, or watching, the convention.

A video released to promote the new app compares it to a scrapbook for the digital age: "By the end of the convention, you'll be able to walk down memory lane in just a few clicks."

The app is available for Apple iOS and Android devices and was designed with the help of AT&T. The company is also providing Wi-Fi and infrastructure at the venue in Charlotte. The convention begins Sept. 3.

According to the webpage for the Republican National Convention — which takes place the week before the DNC, starting Aug. 27 — GOP planners also have a mobile application "coming soon."