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New Heitkamp ad touts support for veterans' benefits

"I approve this message for heroes like Charlie," she says at the end of the ad.

It's yet another positive ad out from Heitkamp, who has largely avoided negative attacks against her opponent, Rep. Rick Berg (R-N.D.).

The positive tone appears to be paying off for Heitkamp. The last poll of likely voters in the state, conducted for North Dakota’s Democratic Party at the end of July, gave her a 6-point lead over Berg, with voters rating her much more positively.

Heitkamp is running in a Republican-leaning state, and past ads from her campaign have touted her bipartisan bona fides. In an ad released last month, she highlighted her split from the Obama administration on environmental policies unpopular in the state. 

But the National Republican Senatorial Committee pushed back against the image of Heitkamp as a positive campaigner, with NRSC deputy spokesperson Lance Trover slamming her for hypocrisy and asserting that while she may be putting out largely positive ads, she's letting others do her dirty work for her instead.

“Heidi Heitkamp’s hypocrisy knows no boundaries: she was for ObamaCare before she was against it, she claims to be for the Keystone pipeline yet raises money for the very folks who are holding it up, and now she’s trying to fool voters into believing she’s running a positive campaign while allowing her pal Harry Reid to run scores of negative ads attacking Rick Berg," Trover said.

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