Obama: Romney, Ryan 'pretty dishonest about my plan'

Addressing a crowd at a campaign event in Iowa on his final day of a three-day bus tour through the state, Obama elevated his rhetoric on his opponents’ tax plan, shifting slightly from the “trickle-down fairy dust” he called it a day earlier.  

“They have tried to sell this trickle-down snake oil before,” Obama said at an outdoor event in Dubuque, where he was alongside First Lady Michelle Obama in a rare-joint appearance. “It didn’t work then, it won’t work now.”

The comments come as the presidential race has come to be labeled a “poisonous campaign,” with both sides exchanging daily barbs.

In his address, Obama accused his opponents of “being pretty dishonest about my plan, especially on Medicare” and he played both offense and defense on the issue, aiming to draw a stark contrast between his plan and his opponents’ proposal in an effort to lure the state’s seniors.  

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