Crossroads GPS out with new ad attacking Heitkamp

"That's not the North Dakota way," a voiceover says. The buy totals $162,000 and will run statewide for a week.

It's the second ad in as many weeks released by the PAC attacking Heitkamp in the protracted battle for North Dakota's Senate seat. Heitkamp requested Crossroads remove last week's ad due to what her campaign said were misleading accusations, and the super-PAC complied, to an extent, taking down the original and re-releasing a revised ad — to which the Heitkamp campaign released an ad in response yesterday.

The Heitkamp campaign called Thursday's ad was evidence Karl Rove is "desperate to distract" from challenger Rep. Rick Berg's (R-N.D.) record.

"If smearing Heidi for taking on drug dealers and big tobacco sounds desperate, that's because it is," said campaign spokesperson Brandon Lorenz.

Though Berg has posted a lead in most polls thus far, Heitkamp is running what many consider to be a smart, competitive campaign, indicating this is one that will be fought to the finish.

--This post was published at 9:39 a.m. and updated at 12:25 p.m.