Tim Kaine touts bipartisanship in first ad

"During the worst recession in decades, I worked with both parties to cut Virginia's budget by $5 billion. I cut my own pay to lead by example. We were fiscally responsible while advancing our most important priorities, like education," Kaine says in the ad. "While I was governor, Virginia was named the best state for business and the best state to raise a child. I'm Tim Kaine, and I approve this message, because leadership is working together to tackle tomorrow's challenges."

Kaine is locked with former Sen. George Allen (R-Va.) in a tight race where both candidates are well-known: For the past year, polls have shown the two neck and neck with very few undecided voters. The election is likely to be decided by a small margin, with independent suburban voters in Northern Virginia and Richmond as the potential key. The state is also a key presidential toss-up, and could decide control of both the White House and Senate.

Virginia's constitution requires a balanced budget, which as Allen's campaign has previously pointed out makes Kaine's boast about balancing the state's books ring a bit hollow.

Kaine's campaign wouldn't say how much is behind this ad, but said it is running as part of the $4.5 million ad campaign it has planned between now and November. While Kaine has led Allen in fundraising, both are going to have plenty of money to get their message to the voters.