Obama, Romney get meat treatment

"[W]e're excited to announce the ultimate, or ulti-meat, tribute to the year's biggest race. Get ready to meat your candidates," says Mecier in the video.

The portraits, titled "Barack Obameat and Meat Romney" took approximately 50 hours each to produce. About 50 bags of jerky were used to create each "meaty likeness," according to Mecier.

The works of art are made entirely of the company's meat products, including original beef jerky, turkey jerky, sweet & hot beef jerky and smokehouse beef jerky.

Mercier also enshrined Sasquatch, a character that has been featured in previous Jack Link's ads, in jerky.

"This has been a really fun project. I never thought I would have a chance to meat the candidates and Sasquatch too. Made from Jack Link's jerky and meat snacks products Barack Obameat and Meat Romney are a savory salute to two of the most talked about people of 2012," says Mecier.

The YouTube video directs viewers to the company's website, where participants can vote for their favorite "meathead" for the chance to win money and other prizes. The site also has official "vote Sasquatch 2012" merchandise, coinciding with the presidential contest.