Rep. West's 'not a lady,' 'communist' comments haunt him in campaign attacks

West told Fox News on Monday that the ad, which puts West's own words in the mouths of children, illustrates that "when you are inept and you are incompetent, you are going to go out and exploit our children."

West went on to argue that children should not repeat his comments because he is "a grown man."

West sent the Democratic National Committee chairwoman a letter last July in which he called her "the most vile, unprofessional and despicable member of the U.S. House of Representatives" and "not a lady."

West's words are repeated in a TV ad now airing in Florida that was produced by Patrick Murphy, West's Democratic opponent in the Florida House race. Children repeat some of the outspoken West's more memorable moments, including the letter to Wasserman Schultz, his accusing the Progressive Caucus of being members of the Communist Party, his calling President Obama's supporters a "threat to the gene pool" and his telling Democrats to "get the hell out of the United States."

"Allen West said all these things and worse. But bullying and name-calling have no place on the playground, or in Congress," Murphy says in the ad.

“I don’t think my opponent cares about the future of America or the future of those kids that he just used horribly in a campaign ad to attack me," West told Fox News, arguing that the real concern should be over the debt the children are inheriting due to Democratic policies.

Murphy spokesman Erin Moffet told The Daily Caller last week, “It’s remarkable that Allen West thinks the things he says as a congressman are so inappropriate that children can’t even say them.”

West responded to Moffet on Fox.

“I’m an adult — I’m a grown man — and I don’t think we want to have children going out and getting into the realm of politics,” West said.

West has stood behind most of the comments repeated in the ad, although he clarified he was talking about the ideology of communism in his remarks about the Progressive Caucus, and was referring to Democratic policies rather than Democratic politicians when he said they need to get out of the country.

According to a press release from Murphy's campaign, the ad is "backed by a significant buy on network TV in the West Palm Beach-Treasure Coast market."

West has plenty of firepower to counter Murphy's attacks. The Tea Party favorite has raised around $10 million so far for his own reelection campaign, a huge number for a House candidate.