Gov. Pawlenty welcomes convention attendees to ‘Obama’s retirement party’

 “But the worst part is you’re still going to have to explain it to your kids.”

Pawlenty, who ran against GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney in the Republican primary, referred to the GOP convention as “Barack Obama’s retirement party!”

Pawlenty said the Obama administration has been one bad decision after another.

“Hard to say exactly just what his worst mistake has been,” Pawlenty said. “There’s so many to choose from: The stimulus. His energy policy. ObamaCare. Taxes. Joe Biden.

“I hear Joe’s particularly interested in tonight’s proceedings. He even thought about coming here to Tampa. And he’s taking notes because when Paul Ryan speaks, Joe will finally get to hear what a real vice president sounds like!”

Vice presidential nominee and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is the keynote speaker for Wednesday night. 

The former governor also criticized Obama for traveling too much and playing golf instead of doing his job.

“And I’ll give Barack Obama credit for creating jobs these last four years for golf caddies,” Pawlenty said. “Actually, Barack Obama is the first president to create more excuses than jobs. In his view, it’s George’s fault. It’s the bank’s fault. It’s Europe’s fault. It’s the weather’s fault. It’s Congress’ fault. Mr. President, if you want to find fault, I suggest you look in the mirror!”

Pawlenty said small businesses and middle-class Americans have told him to help get government off their backs.

“We need to let them know help’s on the way, and help’s name is Mitt Romney,” Pawlenty said. “And with any luck, in a few months, Barack Obama will at last get some experience in the private sector.”