In new campaign video, RNC asks, 'Are you better off?'

“We are clearly better off as a country, because we are now creating jobs rather than losing jobs,” said O’Malley. "We have not recovered all that we lost in the Bush recession."

While the new RNC video does not mention O'Malley or his comments, it does highlight rhetorical similarities in Obama's speeches — often word-for-word phrases about making college affordable and re-energizing the economy.

"Same speeches. Same promises," the video says at the end. "Are you better off?"

Coming into this week's Democratic National Convention, the Obama campaign has tried to argue the president needs more time to turn around a weakened economy left by the Bush administration.

But punching back, Republicans say the economy is now in Obama's hands and placing blame on his predecessor is only a campaign tactic to distract voters from his economic record.