Kal Penn zings Eastwood by thanking Obama, the 'invisible man in the chair'

Last week, Eastwood grilled an invisible Obama, represented by an empty chair, and concluded by saying Obama had a chance but now needs to be let go.

Like Eastwood last week, Penn offered a break from the overly scripted comments of current and former politicians, and started by accepting the Democratic presidential nomination before joking that he was reading the wrong speech. He then addressed young voters who just turned 18:

"Good news, I can now legally register you to vote."

Penn said he started volunteering for Obama in 2007, and said he would continue to volunteer this year because of the changes he has brought to the country.

"I'm volunteering again because my friend Matt got a job at a Detroit car company that still exists, and Loren can get prescriptions that she needs," he said. "I'm volunteering because Josiah is back from Iraq, Chris is finishing college on the G.I. bill, and three weeks ago, my buddy Kevin's boyfriend was able to watch him graduate from Marine Corps training. That's change."