Rep. Van Hollen and Rosario Dawson agree: Castro upstaged by his daughter

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Democrats have high hopes for young, telegenic San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, but his three-year-old daughter Carina might be the true rising star.

During his keynote address to the Democratic convention on Wednesday night, Castro was speaking about his family when cameras cut to Carina, who, to the delight of the audience, flipped her hair as if she’d been through the routine a thousand times before.

Actress Rosario Dawson laughed when asked if the little tyke had upstaged her father on his big night.

“She did last night,” Dawson told The Hill after a panel on jobs hosted by The Huffington Post. “It’s already been done.”

Ranking member of the House Budget Committee Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) agreed.

“I think that every father would love for his daughter to upstage him,” he told The Hill. “It was a beautiful family portrait.”

The stakes were high — Castro’s coveted speaking slot was the same that launched Barack Obama, then a little-known state senator from Illinois, into the national spotlight eight years ago.

Castro told The Hill he was grateful for the moment of levity heading into the final stretch of his well-received speech.

“She’s precious,” he said. “She helped me out at the end.”