Pelosi: A vote for Dems is a vote for Medicare, Social Security, women

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) told the Democratic National Convention Wednesday evening that a vote for Democrats in the November election is a vote to preserve Medicare and Social Security, and is also a vote in favor of women.

"Medicare is on the ballot." she told the convention. "Democrats will preserve and strengthen Medicare. Republicans will end the Medicare guarantee. It's just plain wrong. When you go to the polls, vote for Medicare. Vote for President Obama!

"Social Security is on the ballot," she added. "Democrats enacted it. Democrats will fight to preserve it. Some Republicans want to replace the guarantee of Social Security with the gamble of private accounts.  It's just plain wrong. When you go to the polls, vote for Social Security. Vote for President Obama!"

Pelosi also said women's rights are on the ballot, and said Democrats "reject the Republican assault on women's health." And, she said Democrats would better protect U.S. elections from money in politics, and "the American Dream."

"Ladders of opportunity for our middle class are on the ballot," she said. "And we have work to do. We must reignite the American Dream. With President Obama, we will move America forward."