Retiring Barney Frank pokes fun at ex-Gov. 'Myth' Romney on job creation

There is little evidence "Myth Romney" created any jobs in Massachusetts, retiring Rep. Barney Frank told his party's convention Thursday. 

In his final address to the convention as a member of Congress, Frank (D-Mass.) chalked up Romney's boasting about job creation to the actions of a non-existent Gov. Myth Romney.

Frank said that after wondering why he never saw evidence of Romney's job creation, he realized that, "It turns out our governor was Mitt Romney. What we should have had as governor was Myth Romney."

"Myth Romney is a wonderful private sector executive who when he moves into the public sector can transform it," he added. "I wish Myth Romney had been governor of the state I lived in. If it had been Myth Romney, I'd probably be riding the commuter train from New Bedford to Boston right now. But we had Mitt Romney so we had to wait for the great Deval Patrick to get that started."

Frank also charged Romney with accepting several Republican policies that he said would set up the possibility of additional economic crises.

"He has now basically committed himself to repeat every failed and mistaken policy that the Republican Party employed to bring our country into the greatest recession in years," Frank said.

And, he charged that one of Romney's flaws is a complete distrust in the government, which Frank said is why Romney opposed the auto bailout.

"For all the talk about how Mitt understands the private sector, and that clearly is a little bit iffy, he has no understanding whatsoever of the public sector," Frank said. "There are things that a civilized society needs that we can only do if we do them together, and when we do them together, that's called government."

Frank, who is retiring at the end of this Congress, received a warm welcome, and seemed almost disappointed with his narrow convention assignment, which was to talk about the economy. He started by saying there are other issues he could talk about, "like why so many Republicans are afraid that my marriage will threaten theirs, or why Mitt Romney thinks it's a bad thing that the president ended the war in Iraq."

Frank spoke from loose notes that he soon put away as he addressed the audience. After a few minutes, his prompter went dark.

In his prepared remarks, Frank dismissed Romney's job-creation prowess, and also said that while Romney claims he never raised taxes in Massachusetts, he raised many fees.

"Mitt created a $10 fee for a 'certificate of blindness,' " Frank's prepared remarks said. "He increased the cremation inspection fee from $50 to $75. Maybe he didn't call them taxes, but they felt like taxes."

Those remarks also noted that Romney has described himself as "severely conservative," and said that he would be "no friend of average Americans. And that's a Mitt Romney who has no place as our president."