Obama team accuses Romney, Ryan of 'ducking and dodging' tax questions

President Obama's reelection team blasted Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney and his running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan (Wis.), for "evasiveness" on their tax proposals during appearances on Sunday morning's news shows.

"Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan won't answer the most basic questions about their tax plan," says text in the video.

The two-minute video highlights Romney discussing tax loopholes on NBC's "Meet the Press," and Ryan defending their plan on CBS's "Face the Nation." The video also features Ryan's appearance on ABC's "This Week."

"Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan took to the airwaves on Sunday morning with the intention of pouring cold water on Americans’ obvious enthusiasm for President Obama’s vision to move the country forward coming out of Charlotte," said text released with the Obama video. "And as Obama for America’s new web video highlights, all viewers saw was a pair of candidates who continue to be as evasive about their plans as they were in Tampa — ducking and dodging the most basic questions."

Romney's campaign hit back Monday against the Obama camp's assertions, praising Romney and Ryan's proposals on tax reform as "detailed."

“President Obama’s economic plan is to raise taxes on small businesses and job creators. This is the last thing we should do if we want to get our economy moving in the right direction. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have a five point plan for a stronger middle class, with detailed policies on tax reform, trade, energy, regulatory reform, and spending that will grow our economy and create 12 million jobs," said Romney spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg in a statement responding to the Obama video.

On "Meet the Press" Sunday, Romney declined to detail the specific loopholes or spending cuts he would make to pay for a 20 percent across the board tax cut while still balancing the budget by the end of his second term. However, he vowed that the tax reform he will push will not be a net tax cut for the rich or a net tax increase for the middle class.

“I've indicated as well that contrary to what the Democrats are saying I'm not going to increase the tax burden on middle income families. It would absolutely be wrong to do that,” he said. 

Watch Romney's "Meet the Press" appearance and read more about his tax proposals on HillTube.

—Erik Wasson contributed to this story.