Murphy and McMahon spar over congressional, business records as Connecticut Senate race heats up

Murphy spokeswoman Taylor Lavender said in a release that this is evidence McMahon is a "job killer."

“Linda McMahon may want to spend all her time slinging mud to distract from her past, but she can’t change the facts about her record. It’s crystal clear that McMahon doesn’t care about jobs or Connecticut, she only cares about herself,” she said.

The DSCC spot repeats those same attacks, criticizing McMahon for laying off workers and supporting tax cuts for herself. The doubling-down on those accusations indicates Democrats believe McMahon's WWE record could be a potent issue in the race, and those types of attacks were part of the reason she was unable to topple Richard Blumenthal during her 2010 run.

The ads come as the race for Senate in Connecticut tightens by both polling and on-the-ground accounts. McMahon managed to turn a polling deficit into a 3-percentage-point lead in the last Quinnipiac poll, and has considerable personal resources to run a tough campaign against Murphy. Those resources, in fact, may have helped her issue two new ads the same day, one highlighting Murphy's record on defense and the other defending her own business record.

In response to the Democratic attacks, the McMahon campaign issued a statement attacking Murphy and the DSCC's "baseless, negative attack ads," which McMahon campaign manager Corry Bliss said were simply an attempt to distract from Murphy's record.

"The people of Connecticut will see these ads for exactly what they are: a desperate congressman and a bunch of Washington insiders trying to manipulate Connecticut voters in an effort to guarantee another go-along, get-along politician another term in office," he said.

The campaign also released a new television ad highlighting Murphy's votes against defense appropriations bills, which the ad characterizes as votes "to cut defense jobs right here in Connecticut." In addition, McMahon issued a radio ad defending her business record and outlining a number of controversies surrounding Murphy, including allegations that he skipped a large number of his committee hearings during the financial crisis and potentially received special treatment on a loan from a bank that also contributed to his campaign.

McMahon has consistently made a point to attack Murphy on defense spending, as the industry provides Connecticut with thousands of jobs. But the Murphy campaign fired back with a statement calling the ad "but consistent with her multi-million dollar campaign of lies and mud-slinging."

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