Kaine goes on attack in Virginia, contrasts economic record with Allen's

"As governor, I cut five billion in spending, balanced the budget, and cut my own pay," Kaine says directly to the camera in the new ad. "George Allen increased spending 45 percent as governor, helped turn a record surplus into a massive deficit as a senator, voted 4 times to raise the debt ceiling, and voted 4 times to raise his own pay. Now that’s a real difference."

The race remains neck-and-neck, and both sides are spending heavily on its outcome.

Allen's campaign fired back.

"Tim Kaine’s TV career has reached a new low as he peddles a fake 'fiscal responsibility' record with the hope that Virginians won't know a scam when they see it," Allen spokeswoman Emily Davis said in response. "George Allen cut the size of the Virginia government by 9 percent while adding 300,000 net new private sector jobs. Tim Kaine made what he called 'significant cuts' to higher education and tried to raise taxes by $4 Billion, all while Virginia lost 100,000 private sector jobs. Virginians are looking for real leadership based on a proven record of creating jobs, not another Washington political salesman who plays loose with the facts."

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