Dem leader: Romney running for president to add to resume

Clyburn was responding to a question posed by host Martin Bashir, who said that the GOP nominee's "position on virtually everything is to do nothing."

"On foreclosures, leave the housing market to collapse. On the motor industry, let Detroit go bankrupt," Bashir listed. "Given that he has no interest in intervening in anything, why on earth do you think he wants to become president?”

“Maybe he is just interested in resume-building” Clyburn said of Romney’s bid for the White House. “He doesn’t want to really give service to the country; he doesn’t want to give a contribution to the country; he doesn’t want to protect the people. He wants the title.”

Later in the interview, when asked by Bashir if he stood by his earlier comments that Romney was looking to build his resume with the presidency and that Romney “has no interest in service,” Clyburn backed his previous statement.

“That’s exactly what I feel and if he has a different notion, he ought to be laying out some kind of vision for his service.”