Rubio records Spanish-language ad praising Romney on Medicare

It was the second Spanish-language ad Romney released Friday; the first targeted President Obama's record on student loans and tuition costs. As with that ad, the Romney campaign did not disclose where the ad would air or the amount of money behind the spot, although presumably the commercials will air in Rubio's home state.

The ad features Rubio speaking directly into the camera in Spanish.

“Medicare is how my mom gets her medicine and it’s what allowed my father to live his final days with dignity," Rubio says. "Mitt Romney understands that my generation will have to accept changes in order to protect Medicare now for our elderly."

The Florida lawmaker goes on to praise Romney and running mate Paul Ryan for "courage" on the issue.

"Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will save Medicare for the elderly, like my mom, and will strengthen it for future generations," says Rubio. "That’s leadership and that is what we need in Washington.”

Romney has more aggressively targeted Latino voters in the past week, granting interviews to both Univision and Telemundo and appearing at the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on Monday.

While Romney said at that event the GOP was the "rightful home" for Hispanic voters, polls suggest he has not yet made that sale. A poll released Monday by Latino Decisions found the candidate pulling just 26 percent of Hispanic voters and trailing President Obama by 42 percentage points among the cohort.

But Romney has kept a solid lead among seniors despite charges from the Obama campaign that Ryan's plan to voucherize Medicare would lead to higher costs. In a National Journal poll released Friday, Romney carried nearly six in 10 of all seniors.