First lady wants Obama to show her the ‘love’ during first debate

The first face-off between Obama and Mitt Romney takes place at the University of Denver and will focus on the economy. Michelle Obama said she does not expect to see much of her husband at all that day, although she will be backstage for the event.

“I'm sure I'm going to be flying in from somewhere and he's flying in from somewhere else," she said. “I'll see him right before and I'll watch him onstage and I'll give him a kiss after the debates: 'Happy anniversary, honey.' "

Maybe the first lady owes the president this one, considering Obama told David Letterman this week that she forgot all about their first wedding anniversary.

“I want to point out that our first anniversary, she’s the one who forgot,” he told Letterman on Tuesday night. “It was, like, Wednesday night; I said, ‘Honey, what do you want to do this weekend? What do you want to do on Friday?’ And she said, ‘What’s on Friday?’ I said, ‘Honey, we’ve been married a year.’ It slipped her mind.”

Still, Michelle joked that the president ought to demonstrate some public affection in honor of a landmark day.

"I'm gonna make him write it on his hand: 'Love you, honey,' so that when he waves or makes a point — 'Love you, honey.' "