New Allen ad attacks Kaine on 'minimum tax' comment

Kaine sought to explain after the debate that he meant only that he wouldn't rule out any tax proposals out of hand, not that he supported a minimum federal income tax for all, and the nonpartisan fact-checking site Politifact rated Allen's claim that Kaine wants to raise taxes on everyone "false." But Kaine's flub has given Allen a clear opening to attack him as a tax-and-spend Democrat, a problem in a swing state that leans a bit fiscally conservative.

Kaine's campaign fired back.

"It's disappointing that George Allen would choose to run an ad that he knows is false. This is exactly what's wrong with Washington these days and further demonstrates why George Allen would not be able to help break the partisan gridlock there," Kaine spokeswoman Brandi Hoffine said in a statement. "The facts are that the tax burden on Virginia families was lower under Tim Kaine than under George Allen. Tim Kaine cut taxes for the lowest-income Virginians, while George Allen wants to cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans."