Gary Johnson tries to stop political 'zombie outbreak'

In the ad, the former Republican governor of New Mexico, who is running as a third-party candidate, yells at the political zombies outside the New Hampshire State House, attempting to wake them from their zombie daze.

"We are not a mindless society. We care about things. We care about the fact that we are in endless wars, that we militarily intervene, that we need to stop that. We care about the fact that we have a heightened police state in this country. Stop. Stop. We need to balance the federal budget now or we're going to find ourselves without a country. You all look like a bunch of zombies," Johnson says.

The more than one-minute long video features people dressed up in blue and red, bumping into each other and acting like zombies. Johnson reaches out a hand to one of the zombies at the end of his monologue as the video dissolves into a picture of the sun.

"With time running out, will you choose to pull yourself out of the zombie mindset? This November don't throw your vote away supporting the status quo. Vote Libertarian. Vote for freedom," a narrator says.

Libertarian activists, Occupy Wall Street supporters and zombie enthusiasts participated in the filming of the ad on Sept. 19 with Johnson, the Concord Patch reported.

“This is fun, this is fun," Johnson said during filming, according to Patch.

Local Libertarian Party activists told that the state party was involved in producing the video.

"Not paid for by any candidate or committee," says the text at the end of the video.

Johnson dropped his bid for the Republican presidential nomination late last year to run as a libertarian. He became the official third-party nominee in May and became eligible for federal matching funds in June.