Ann Romney on response to critics: 'Was I a little strong?'

In in a radio interview last week, Romney said critics of the campaign should “Stop it. This is hard. You want to try it? Get in the ring."

The wife of the GOP presidential nominee also disclosed that in 2008, after Mitt Romney lost a bid for the White House, she made a video for her husband telling him, “I’m never doing this again.”

He then quipped to his spouse, a mom of five, “Do you know Ann, you say that after every pregnancy?”

Mrs. Romney had kind words for Michelle Obama, saying she “loves” her and calling the first lady a “beautiful” and “strong” woman.

In the wide-ranging interview, the former Massachusetts first lady made light of her husband’s propensity for saving money. When Leno asked if Mitt Romney was cheap or frugal, Romney chose cheap, explaining, “When we leave the house, he turns off the hot water heater … Do you know what he does when we come back from the house? He pretends to forget that he’s got to turn the hot water heater on and he says, ‘Cold showers — they’re not that bad.’ ”

Romney also recalled her struggle to get her sons to church on time in the morning when they were young, revealing that she used to dress them in their church outfits the night before services. 

“Woke them up in the morning, [combed] their hair. Look pretty good to me. Out you go,” said Romney.

Saying “boys are awful,” Leno gave credit to Romney for raising all sons. Romney responded to laughs, “They’re smelly when they’re teenagers.”

Leno predicted her statement would soon be all over the airwaves on political ads. “A negative ad,” Leno said, “ ‘She says kids are smelly!’ ”