Romney: 'I don't worry about' liberal bias in mainstream press

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Wednesday he doesn't worry about a liberal bias in the media. 

Romney was asked by CBS before a campaign stop in Toledo, Ohio, on Tuesday whether the "mainstream media is in the tank for President Obama."

"Well, I think we have a system of free press — people are able to provide their own perspective based on their own beliefs; I think there's some people who are more in my camp — there's a lot of people who are more in his camp, and I don't worry about that," Romney replied.

CBS reporter Jan Crawford then asked the Republican nominee if he believed he was "getting a fair shake" from the press.

"I don't think anybody in my business thinks they wouldn't like to rewrite the stories, and write the media accounts in a way that's more favorable to them, but I don't worry about that," Romney said. "I take my message out; I know I'll have a chance through ads, through the debates, to get my message home to the American people."

On Wednesday, senior Romney adviser Ed Gillespie said the campaign had a "no-whining rule" about media coverage of the presidential race. Conservatives have argued that the press has not aggressively covered President Obama during the 2012 cycle, and that polling methodology is biased to favor Democrats.

“We have a 'no whining' rule in Boston about coverage in the media,” Gillespie told "Fox and Friends" on Wednesday. “We just deal with the facts.”

Romney also offered some pushback to suggestions from fellow conservatives that he become more aggressive in the campaign, saying he would not engage in "character assassination," as he believes the Obama campaign has done.

"They try and completely misrepresent my point of view, along with why I'm in this race," Romney said. "But I think fundamentally the American people are interested in who can make their life better. Who can make people get better jobs and better incomes. And I can. He's proven that he does not have the capability to do that."