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Obama camp slams Romney as 'attacker in chief' in debate

Obama's campaign is looking to push back on polls, popular opinion and pundits on both sides of the aisle that gave the win to Romney in large part due to a perceived lackluster and unenthusiastic performance by the president.

Romney was seen as the aggressor throughout the night, and Obama officials after the debate began arguing he had been too aggressive.

Psaki said Romney failed at delivering facts about his proposed policies, which is what seniors in Florida and independent voters in key states Ohio and Iowa wanted to hear.

Her remark about a checklist of attacks was a reference to reports ahead of the debate that Romney was rehearsing "zingers" to insert into the debate.

"We're going to evaluate this by what people at home were thinking and what people on their couch were thinking," she said.

"Romney failed, got an 'F' for delivery of facts," she continued. "Mitt Romney doubled down on a number of the policies that had bedeviled his campaign."

She also said Romney "relied on a magic calculator with magic math" in his tax plan, a topic the two candidates sparred over at length during the debate. 

Questioned by CNN host Soledad O'Brien during the interview on why Obama did not confront Romney's "magic math" directly during the debate, Psaki simply said, "Agree to disagree."

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