Rep. Tim Ryan ‘not feeling’ momentum shift for Romney in Ohio

"I've been here in Ohio. I don't really feel it," Ryan said. "I think people definitely have an opinion about how the debate went, but at the end of the day it's going to matter about what policies."

The Ohio lawmaker went on to say that the president had a built-in cushion in the state because of a sentiment among voters "that have actually felt the Obama policies help them."

"Here in Ohio, Obama has a great record," Ryan said. "He slapped tariffs on Chinese products coming over, that helped job creation in Ohio, not to mention the auto industry rescue package and we've had thousands of jobs that have been created."

Ryan added that he believed Paul Ryan's Medicare plan could be a liability for Romney in the Buckeye State.

"We have an older state, we have a lot of seniors that access the Medicaid programs for nursing homes, people who have children with disabilities access the Medicaid program in Ohio, when they see the Romney/Ryan budget when it hits the ground, he's going to lose," Ryan predicted.