Sen. Brown's new ad targets Warren on taxes

The ad charges that "Warren's tax increase" will result in hundreds of thousands of fewer jobs created, and over 17,000 fewer in Massachusetts alone. 

It cites a report commissioned by the National Federation of Independent Small Businesses and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that found Obama's economic proposals would negatively impact job creation. The report is one that Brown frequently cites during debates as evidence that Warren is against small business.

"Scott Brown will keep taxes low. He'll protect small business and help them grow, so we can have more jobs for everyone," a narrator says at the end of the ad.

It seems to be a slight shift in strategy from most of Brown's previous ads, which have either featured Brown himself driving in his truck to speak with local Massachusetts voters, or, most recently, targeted Warren's claims to Native American heritage.

Brown has largely stayed away from attacking Warren on policy matters, and Obama and his policies remain largely popular in deep-blue Massachusetts. Brown's attacks include calling Warren unfriendly to small businesses and saying — like many Republicans — that the regulatory climate and uncertainty created in Washington has hurt businesses.

Meanwhile, another independent poll shows Brown lagging Warren, the fifth in a series of polls that nearly all put Warren in the lead.