Obama spokeswoman: 'We're not getting whipped up and down' by polls

A day earlier Gallup's first national survey of likely voters found Romney leading Obama 49 percent to 47 among likely voters. And on Monday, Pew Research found Romney leading Obama among likely voters, 49 percent to 45.

Both polls followed the first presidential debate in Denver a week ago. Romney is considered the winner of that debate.

Psaki added that the Obama campaign and the president were looking ahead to what's next and the next presidential debate on Oct. 16 at Hofstra University on Long Island in New York. The second debate will be in a town-hall format.

"I think the American people are looking at what the candidates are representing. We know that there's a limited time left in this race. We know that Mitt Romney had a better debate last week but we're not focused on that," Psaki said. "We're focused on the next debate. And the president's excited about having a back-and-forth with not only Mitt Romney but with the people in the audience at the town hall meeting. So I know that people want us to say we're depressed or we're under a table, but we feel much better about our ground game.

"We feel better about the choice we're offering the American people than Mitt Romney and we'll let him run his race and we'll run our own race."