Romney vows to expand drilling on government lands

Joined onstage by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Romney fielded questions on a variety of topics, from energy to foreign policy.

Romney and Christie touted the GOP nominee’s vow to expand oil-and-gas drilling on federal lands and waters, and speed up permitting.

They called it a way to boost jobs in the energy and manufacturing sectors, arguing that further expansion of natural-gas development will help keep costs low for chemical companies and other manufacturers that rely on the fuel. 

“If I’m president I will double the number of permits and licenses on federal lands and in federal waters and we’re going to get the federal lands and federal waters to produce more energy just like the private sector is doing now on private lands,” he said to applause.

The Republican presidential nominee was also asked about his recent debate performance, and whether he benefited from not having his words filtered by the media.

Romney responded by joking that he had watched his wife's appearance on "Good Morning America" that morning and, between the segments, got to see some of the attack ads flooding the battleground airwaves.

"Good thing I don't do that very often, because my blood pressure would be very high," Romney quipped.

But Romney said that he appreciated the country's free press and said there were "hundreds of stations" for individuals to choose from.

"I don't worry in the campaign about what the media says, I worry about what I say," Romney said.

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