Atlanta Mayor Reed jokes that Biden offered Ryan internship after debate

“He dominated the guy. I thought he offered him an internship after it was all over,” Reed quipped during an appearance on a roundtable on NBC’s “Meet The Press.”

Reed dismissed Republican criticisms of Biden’s mannerisms during the debate, saying the focus on the vice-president’s grinning and laughing while Ryan was talking is “the most manufactured theme for a guy who clearly won a debate among independents.

“That’s what counts here,” Reed said. “People who are in the middle and are undecided, Joe Biden won 51-30.”

Republicans on the the panel, though, continued to criticize Biden, citing his multiple gaffes this campaign season.

“Joe Biden is authentic, and last week he said two things that are important, every independent voter or undecided should remember,” Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R), a prominent Romney surrogate, said.

“One, he said the middle class has been buried the last four years; of course he’s been in charge that last four years. Number two, that absolutely Obama and Biden are going to raise your taxes, about $2 trillion over the next four years.”