Trump: Libya attack won't play 'big role' in election

The real estate mogul and reality television host said Monday he didn't think the Libya attacks would play a big role in voters' minds come November. 

"I don't see the people and everybody out there looking at this the same way they should be," Trump said when asked during his weekly "Fox and Friends" appearance whether the attacks would be a "game-changer." 

Trump added that while Libya "shows incompetence ... the thing that will play a big role will be the economy."

He also said that Vice President Biden's assertion in Tuesday's debate that the White House was unaware of requests to the State Department for additional security in Benghazi was "unbelievable."

"The country is incompetently led," Trump said. "A bad manager doesn't know what is going on in his country or company. It is plausible, because we are so incompetent. It is really plausible. They are so bad and incompetent I guess it would be plausible."

But, Trump added, ultimately the president was responsible for what happened.

"It is always the person on the top," Trump said. "The president is the president, and he's our leader, for better or worse. He's our leader and he has to bear responsibility."

Trump also reiterated his belief that Vice President Biden had done well in last week's debate. He added that he was "not offended" by Biden's frequent interruptions and laughs. 

"Frankly, for him it was effective and a way from getting away from the real fact, which is how badly the economy and country is doing," Trump said.