Romney brothers would welcome sitcom's 'Tugg' to join family

According to Tagg Romney, it is not the first time he's been asked about the episode on the campaign trail. When the CNN host brought it up, Tagg protested. "Don't do this," he said, as his brothers laughed.

Tagg added: "It used to be everywhere I went, people would ask, 'Is Tagg your real name?' And now it's, 'Have you seen "New Girl"?'"

The four brothers interviewed on the show -- Ben, a doctor, is not on the campaign trail as often as Tagg, Josh, Matt and Craig -- laughed as they watched the clip of "Tugg Romney" explaining fishing with his dad while holding a beer "to support American breweries."

"I would have loved if you'd brought [Tugg on the show]," Josh Romney said.