First lady: 'Rewarding, refreshing' to vote for husband

On Monday, the Obama campaign announced that the first lady cast an Illinois absentee ballot that morning. The campaign said that President Obama would vote early in his hometown of Chicago on Oct. 25. 

In the same interview on Tuesday, the first lady shared what she said to the president right after the first presidential debate two weeks earlier. 

"I am and was and will continue to be so proud of my husband, and when I see him up on that stage, I still see the man that I fell in love with, that I'm proud of. He talks from his heart, he talks about values," Obama said. "So I gave him a big hug and I said, 'Way to go.' "

The president and GOP challenger Mitt Romney will square off Tuesday night in the second of their three televised debates, this time from Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y. 

The president’s supporters are hopeful for a strong performance from Obama, after Mitt Romney was widely tabbed as the winner of the first debate.