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Gene Simmons gives kiss-off to Obama: 'He's been a piss-poor president'

The makeup-wearing KISS frontman told AOL’s Noisecreep earlier this week of Obama: “He’s been a piss-poor president, as far as I’m concerned.”

While conceding GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney “has some issues I don’t like,” the “Rock and Roll All Nite” singer praised the former Massachusetts governor.

“[Romney’s] much more qualified. He’s a businessman, ran the Olympics into profit — it was a disaster before he came along. He’s run businesses. He knows how to create jobs.”

Simmons, 63, offered faint praise of Obama. 

“President Obama is a wonderful family man, and that’s where the résumé stops," he said.  

When asked during an April interview on Fox News Channel whom he was picking for president, the long-tongued entertainer replied, “Strictly speaking on the economy and in my humble opinion, Mitt Romney.”

Simmons later wrote in a post on his website, “I have not endorsed either Gov Romney or Pres Obama… I HAVE NOT MADE UP MY MIND.”

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