RNC Web video uses 'hope' and 'change' rhetoric to slam Obama

"When a president gives up hope, it's time to make a change," says text in the video.

The 45-second video spot highlights the president's rhetoric of hope and change during the 2008 campaign and contrasts that with clips of Obama during the second presidential debate Tuesday night.

"President Obama may be content to throw in the towel saying that jobs aren't coming back, but Governor Romney won't be give up on the American people," said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus in a statement. "Governor Romney has made job creation the centerpiece of his campaign, and he will make jobs the number one priority of his presidency. He has a five-point plan to grow the middle class and create 12 million new jobs."

Obama has attacked Romney's five-point plan on multiple occasions, including Tuesday night's debate. He did so again at a campaign even at Ohio University on Wednesday.

"[T]he five-point plan really boils down to one point — folks at the very top get to play by a different set of rules than you do. So they can pay lower taxes. They can use offshore accounts. They can buy a company, load it up with debt, lay off the workers, strip away the pensions, send the jobs overseas — and still make a big profit doing it. It’s the same philosophy that’s been squeezing middle-class families for over a decade," Obama said.