Michelle Obama aims to woo women voters in campaign video

"This November there's so much on the line for all of us, but especially for women. Our votes will determine whether we'll keep fighting for equal pay in the work place, whether we keep supporting women small-business owners and whether women will be able to make our own decisions about our bodies and our healthcare," says Obama in the video.

"On all of these issues and so many more Barack has always stood up for our rights and opportunities and now it's time for us to stand up for him."

The first lady then goes on to encourage viewers to register to vote, vote early and to reach out to female friends and family. The video features voter registration drives and volunteers going door-to-door, grassroots support that is a pivotal part of the Obama campaign strategy.

Both Republican challenger Mitt Romney and President Obama have been seeking to increase support from women in recent days.

The Obama team also spotlighted the president's position on equal pay, sending out a press release of his remarks from a New Hampshire campaign event Thursday.

"[W]e don’t have to order up some binders to find qualified, talented, driven young women who can learn and excel in these fields right now. And when these young women graduate, I want them to receive equal pay for equal work. I don’t know why this is so complicated. Governor Romney still won’t say whether or not he supported a law to protect that right, no matter how many times he’s asked. This is not — this is not that hard," said Obama said in Manchester, N.H.

Romney and his team have argued that four more years of the president's economic policies will be detrimental to women.

"Women have a clear choice in November after four years that have delivered little progress for millions of struggling Americans. President Obama’s failed economic policies have left women with fewer jobs, higher poverty, and diminishing opportunities for the next generation. And even inside the Obama White House, women have been left behind. Mitt Romney has a clear record of empowering women – and, as president, will work to build a stronger economy with millions of new jobs to help deliver a real recovery for all Americans," said Romney campaign spokesperson Andrea Saul in a statement Wednesday.

Obama supporters jumped on Romney's "binders full of women" comment from Tuesday night's debate. The Democratic super-PAC American Bridge created BindersFullOfWomen.com to highlight and rebuke the GOP nominee's record on women's issues.

The former Massachusetts governor said that he had received "whole binders full of women" job candidates as part of a concerted effort to bring women into his administration.