Schieffer slips once, mentioning 'Obama's bin Laden' in debate

In a night otherwise devoid of gaffes, debate moderator Bob Schieffer did have one slip-up.

When beginning the debate segment on Pakistan, Schieffer discussed how Pakistan had arrested the doctor who had aided the United States in killing Osama bin Laden. However, he flubbed his words.

“We know that Pakistan has arrested the doctor who helped us catch Obama’s, uh, bin Laden,” Schieffer said, accidentally combining President Obama’s first name with the name of the deceased 9/11 terrorist.

Schieffer continued on and did not correct himself. Others have made a similar mistake before, including deceased Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.).

Schieffer, a veteran CBS newsman and the host of “Face the Nation,” generally appeared to be winning accolades for his performance during the third and final presidential debate.