Meat Loaf endorses, duets with Romney

The “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” singer belted out a rendition of “America the Beautiful” with Romney at an Ohio campaign event after offering his endorsement of the GOP presidential candidate.

Meat Loaf, nee Marvin Lee Aday, told the crowd, “So I want you to know that there is one man who will stand tall in this country and fight the storm and bring the United States back to what is should be — Gov. Mitt Romney!” according to The Washington Post.

The dramatic performer, who at 65 is the same age as the former Massachusetts governor, said it was his first time stepping into the political arena. “I have never been in any political agenda in my life, but I think that in 2012 this is the most important election in the history of the United States.”

Ann Romney has said in numerous interviews that her husband’s favorite birthday treat is her recipe for meatloaf cakes.