Obama makes pitch to early Florida voters

The Obama campaign released a new ad in Florida slamming Mitt Romney's economic policies as early voting gets underway that crucial battleground state.

The ad urges voters to "remember" Romney's policies when heading to the polls. It opens on clips of a voter at the ballot box and an unmarked ballot.

"In here, it’s just you. No ads. No debates. Just you. So think about this," a voiceover says.

The ad goes on to chronicle Romney's policies, which it says will weaken bank regulations, "voucherize" Medicare, cut education and give tax cuts to millionaires while causing middle class families to pay more.

It comes as Romney makes a campaign swing through Florida, and as some of the state's voters head to the polls. Romney holds a slight lead in most recent polls of the state, but Obama won it in 2008, giving Democrats hope that the President can nab the state's 29 electoral votes again.

The Obama campaign has made a concerted effort to push voters to the polls early, arguing that early turnout could be crucial to in Obama win in swing states like Florida. Obama himself voted early this past week in his hometown of Chicago.

The ad will also air in Iowa, Ohio and Virginia, all states integral to President Obama's electoral-vote calculus where early voting is also underway.