Americans for Prosperity joins in pro-Romney Pa. ad blitz

The second commercial features the story of Shona Holmes, a Canadian woman who sought medical treatment in the United States after the government healthcare system in her native country denied her treatment. The ad is intended as a critique of the president's signature healthcare reform law.

The commercials come as Restore our Future and Americans for Job Security — two other large Republican super-PACs — have also announced aggressive spending in the states. The Romney campaign itself plans $2 million in advertising in Philadelphia before Election Day.

The Obama campaign said Tuesday it would battle back with its own ad buys in Michigan and Pennsylvania, along with an effort in Minnesota, where former President Clinton campaigned Tuesday.

But on a conference call with reporters Wednesday, senior Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod denied the campaign was worried about those states, pledging to shave his mustache if the president lost there.

Axelrod went on to accuse Republicans of attempting to project "fauxmentum" and said Obama was matching advertising spending in the states because "it's the prudent thing to do."