GOP outside group puts $3.6M into Michigan, Pennsylvania

The buys make the group the latest GOP outside organization this week to launch major ad buys in Michigan and Ohio: The pro-Romney groups Restore Our Future, Americans for Prosperity and American Crossroads have all announced million-dollar investments in one or both states this week. President Obama's campaign has also begun buying ads in those states in response to the outside groups' spending.

The groups, which coordinate spending between themselves (but not with Romney), are flush with cash in the final days of the campaign and have likely decided it's more worthwhile to take a chance on less likely states, force Obama and his allies to spend time and money there, and hope for a home run than invest that in swing states where ad spending is already at saturation levels.

Polls show Obama holding a lead of between 4 and 6 points in Pennsylvania. While a recent poll for the Detroit News showed Romney within 3 points in Michigan, another from EPIC-MRA, a respected Michigan pollster, for the Detroit Free Press showed Obama holding a 6-point lead in the state.

The group is running two ads in the states: One features blue-collar women discussing the economy, while the other features Romney discussing his five-point economic plan.