Reason number 5 to vote early: A chance to meet that 'special someone'

Vice President Biden joked that early voting centers are a good place to find that “special someone” or simply an ideal location to stretch out and relax.

But casting an early ballot won’t get you out of paying taxes, he said, while giving reasons to vote early in a humorous “top-10” list that airs Thursday night on CBS’s “Late Show with David Letterman.”

“If you vote early, you don’t have to pay taxes,” Biden says before looking off camera. “I’m sorry, I’m being told that is not accurate.”

Biden added, “Single and looking to mingle? Find that special someone on the early voting line.”

“In a less-crowded polling center, there is plenty of room to stretch out, linger and relax,” Biden added.

The Obama campaign has utilized late-night TV throughout the campaign. Michelle Obama appeared on the show in September, giving the ten reasons to watch the Democratic National Convention.

Before giving the list, Biden offered hope to residents of New Jersey and New York, where the show is taped, after Hurricane Sandy hit earlier this week.

“I just hope everything is coming along alright in New York. You have been devastated in New York and New Jersey. Everyone is thinking of you, and we are doing everything we can to help,” Biden said.

Shortly after the Letterman show released a clip of the Biden appearance, the Romney campaign shot back with the “Top Ten ways Joe Biden makes the case for a Romney presidency.”

The list cited Biden’s half-joking comments from Wednesday when he told a Republican on the phone that he could vote for Biden in 2016.

Voters have been casting ballots around the country throughout the month of October. Hurricane Sandy delayed some voting sites on the East Coast this week, but a Gallup poll from late last month showed 15 percent of registered voters had already cast a ballot, with Republicans turning out in slightly higher numbers.