Mr. Burns of 'The Simpsons' endorses Romney

In a YouTube video posted Thursday, the nuclear power plant honcho is seen lounging by a fireplace in the Springfield Republican Party Headquarters, where a sign claims, “We win in 2012 or your money back.”

As binders full of women lay on a side table next to him, Burns declares, “I have to say that despite those unimaginably horrible good job numbers, we’re feeling pretty confident.”

Burns laments, “There’s only one thing that might deny us the presidency, that is the God-given property of the Republican Party.”

After his lowly aide, Smithers, ticks off a list of potential problems for Romney, Mr. Burns proclaims the real issue is, “a shaggy dog story about an actual shaggy dog.” Burns recalls the real-life (and oft cited by Romney opponents) tale of a 1983 road trip the Romneys took during which the former Massachusetts governor placed the family’s dog, Seamus, in a container on the roof of the car.

Burns brings out the Irish setter (who reportedly died years ago) to settle the canine controversy once and for all. Burns assures the pup, “You liked being tied to the roof of the car because it allowed you to see more of this great land or ours, and it’s wonderful natural resources, ripe for drilling, mining and exploiting?”

Seamus is then asked to decide whether to settle in with a President Obama look-a-like offering him a few pieces of broccoli, or Romney, who shows off a platter of juicy steak.

Burns asks the dog, “Who do you like better? ‘Broccoli’ Obama? Or ‘Meat’ Romney? Who do you want to take care of you for the next four years?”

Seamus cries and makes a run for it.

“The Simpsons” returns to Fox on Nov. 4.