Will Ferrell will do 'anything' to help Obama's get-out-the-vote effort

The “Saturday Night Live” alum — seen sporting an “Anchorman”-style mustache, a smoking jacket and holding a pool cue as light piano music plays in the background — tells viewers in the roughly minute-long clip: “I will do anything to get you to go out and vote on Nov. 6. I’m not kidding.”

That “anything” includes cooking a dinner of angel hair pasta, moving a couch (he’s even got his own van), personally giving voters tattoos (although Ferrell warns he doesn’t know how to draw), doing a dance, eating any gross-out item he’s told to, and punching himself in the face.

As the video comes to a close, the 45-year-old comedian, who starred as a House candidate in the summer comedy “The Campaign,” declares, “Vote Obama, it’s a slam dunk,” while catching a football.